B-Roof Aperitif

A Journey within the Journey

The Grand Hotel Baglioni has been a place of meeting
and catchup for more than 100 years.

Whether it's an after-work aperitivo,

a catchup with friends or family or a romantic date for two,

our B-Roof has what you need.
Our drink List celebrates the great history of our Hotel
offering you inspired flavor combinations to stories of travel and travellers.


Furthermore, as Each journey is like a dish,

a mix of ingredients that create a unique experience:

places, people, traditions, art and flavours.

we decide to put a small part of the World into this menu,

as a tribute to all our Guests.


Without forgetting our “Carattere Toscano”

creating a 'journey within the journey', 

to give you a tasting of the best dishes 

created by the Chefs of all our Venues

The Aperitivo

The classic aperitif of the B-Roof includes a glass of bubbles or a cocktail from our menu and a gourmet Pinsa to choose from three proposals by our Chef:

Marinated aubergines sweet tomatoes and smoked ricotta and basil

Stracchino cheese, mortadella, dried tomatoes pesto 

Bacon, tuscan pecorino and rocket


When: every day from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm.
Price: € 25 per person with bubbles; € 28 per person with Signature cocktail.

Gift B-Roof

Thanks to the B-Roof vouchers, you can give (or treat!) yourself to a special experience at a truly unique location.