The B-Roof restaurant is part of Carattere Toscano, a group of establishments that share a style and location of rare beauty. Above all, they are a group of people who work together because they believe in multiplications rather than sums.

Simply putting together what you have available does not require any special talent. In our history, what has allowed us to progress has instead been those qualities that make the final result grow exponentially: reliability, responsibility, dedication, and some sleepless nights. Multiplication, you mean.

Right now, however, we are not looking at the roots, but at the branches and leaves. So why would you want to join our group? We have a lot of answers in mind, but we don't want to take away the joy of discovery, so we'll just provide a few.

Because we are a group where personal relationships still matter. A lot. You will never be a number and you will always find a person who will listen to you and take responsibility for your problem.

Because in the group, you grow only by virtue of the professionalism demonstrated in the field - with us competence still has value.

Because we know how to invest in people - if you are proactive and have a desire to grow, we will help you go up.

Because we are not a multinational company, you will have the pleasure of seeing the concrete results of your work and every goal achieved there will have your mark on it.

Because we are an Italian company, we work on the territory, trying to make it better, because this is where we live every day.

We know how to keep our promises. If you think you're the right fit for us, come and offer us your talent.

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